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BBQ Tales is a blog about barbecue by noskos, well that’s my name in cyberspace, in real life I listen to Dennis.

It’s a personal blog and all the recipes here are tested and made by me. Please feel free to try them and if you want to leave constructive feedback please do.
As this is my personal recipe binder, recipe’s evolve, some methods change overtime or I figure out different ways to do something. In that case I won’t change the recipe, I’ll post the new version and link to it in the old one.

How I started

In 2007 I bought my first smoker, a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. I already owned a Weber kettle. In those days I had a blog on which I wrote about baking and a bit about traveling. As I didn’t want to get too many different topics on one blog I decided to document my barbecue adventures on a separate one, BBQ-NL my blog in Dutch was born.
American style low and slow barbecue was almost non existent in those days in Europe. I had eaten at a few barbecue places while traveling through the USA and wanted to recreate those flavors here at home.
Over time my blog grew from a tiny page into the biggest Dutch barbecue blog and at the moment “real” barbecue is getting more populair here every year. My collection of barbecues grew bigger with the years. I added a Big Green Egg Large and a Weber Go-Anywhere.  And we are now at a point where I can buy pulled pork at the supermarket! The barbecue scene in Europe is expanding and I’m glad to be a part of that.

Advertising and Amazon Links

If I review a book or mention a product there might be a link it to Amazon so you can easily find it. I receive a small commission for any sales that are made this way. These commissions and the fees I get from ads displayed on the site is what keeps the site up and running.
If you are an advertiser and would like to place an ad here on BBQ Tales, please feel free to contact me.


Unless stated otherwise all the photographs on the site are taken by me. I either own the copyright or have permission by the owners to use them on this site. If you would like to use any of my photographs for a project please contact me to obtain permission.

Use of my recipes

If you would like to republish a recipe that you find here on your own website than 1) please re-write the instructions in your own unique way instead of copying and pasting them from BBQ Tales, 2) please don’t copy my headnotes, and 3) post a working link back to the original recipe on BBQ Tales.
I ask that you re-write the instructions because Google will penalize sites with duplicate content, making it more difficult for my readers to find my recipes through Google Search.