Rib Sandwich, use up those leftover ribs

Rib SandwichI hardly ever make a rib sandwich. Why? Because there are never any ribs left when I make them. Yes, they are that good. There is a fastfood company that does a sandwich with rib meat but that has hardly anything to do with barbecue in my opinion. Slapping some barbecue sauce on rib meat doesn’t make it barbecue! No, you’ll get a much better tasting sandwich if you make it yourself.

If you follow me on social media – No? Why not?!? 😉 – you probably saw the ribs I made last weekend. I was at the new whole sale near my house and they had very meaty babyback ribs. With the first barbecue compitition of this season coming up, I though it would be a good idea to do a little test run. I could see how these ribs would turn out and to be honest we love ribs. It’s still one of my favorite barbecue foods. As I said these ribs were meaty, so meaty in fact that the three of use couldn’t finish two slabs of ribs. So I finally had the chance to make this sandwich again.

It’s a simple sandwich to make and you can adjust it to your own liking. After reheating the meat I mixed it up with some Sea Side Smokers Sauce, that’s the sauce my teams sells at the barbecue competitions. It’s made for pork so it works really well with this. But you can use whatever sauce you like or have lying around in the fridge that works well with pork. Blues Hog would do great.

Rib Sandwich

leftover spareribs
barbecue sauce
hamburger buns or a nice crusty bun

Pull the rib meat of the bones. That is easiest when the ribs are still warm.
Reheat the meat in the oven, on the stove or in the microwave.
Mix up the meat with your favorite barbecue sauce. Add some pickles.

I told you it was easy. But the result is a truly delicious sandwich. I like it even better than a pulled pork sandwich! Please let me know if you agree with me when you make one.

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