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Hi, my name is noskos and I’m a BBQ Addict.

In 2007 I started my barbecue blog BBQ-NL with a similar sign. I had been blogging before that, mostly about baking and a bit about travel. I had a Weber Kettle barbecue and when I got a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker I didn’t want to get too much different topics on one blog. So I decided to start a separate one for my barbecue activities.

Little did I know that it would be such a successful blog and that barbecue would be such a great adventure for me. What started out as a tiny blog that served more as a place to store my recipes so I didn’t loose them, grew into the largest barbecue blog in the Netherlands. I made a lot of friends worldwide through barbecue. And those international friends are the main reason for this new blog. My Dutch blog is too huge to translate and I’ve learned a lot about how to set up a site in the mean time. So this is a fresh new blog that will more or less run parallel to the other one only in a language that more people will understand. I’ll also share my techniques and classic recipes here for you to enjoy.

I’m a member of the Sea Side Smokers, a competition barbecue team that does pretty well at the moment. We belong to the top of European barbecue. So there will be blogposts on how we’re doing and what’s happening in the European barbecue scene.

So that’s the plan, now let’s get to work and get this baby up and running! Have great time here and holler if you want to know or see something!


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